Property Management Software, Management Property System

Visitor Section
Browse categories of projects (example: New Projects, Ongoing Projects, Completed projects)
Browse properties by city / location
Browse by projects
Featured projects on homepage along with thumbnail images
Each project has detailed info which includes the following
Detailed description
Site map
Apartment plans
Payment plan
Application form
Multiple images per project
Enlarged images on clicking thumbnails
Enquiry button
Mortgage calculator
Multiple static information pages like news, faq, about us, useful buyer info etc.
Contact form with email notification
News area on homepage
Login area for customers who have bought property
Customer (Property Buyer) Section
Secure login for customers who have purchased a property
Update contact information
Information of the property that has been purchased
Status of development of bought property
Messages from the developer
Post a query to the developer
Next action (date and action)
Admin (Property Developer) Section
Configuration Options
Edit admin password
Add/edit/delete/activate/deactivate admin users
Categories & Projects Management
Add/edit/delete/activate/deactivate projects
Add/edit/delete/activate/deactivate categories
Add/edit/delete countries
Add/edit/delete regions
Add/edit/delete cities
Add/edit/delete areas
Admin can view detailed info for all listings
Update status of the projects
Customers Management
Add/edit/delete/activate/deactivate property buyers
Confirmation email (with username and password) on registration of a property buyer
Notification email to the member on expiry of ad package
Inbound messages
Sort messages by date range, projects
Reply / delete messages
Outbound messages
Send message to a particular customer
Send message to all customers of a particular project
Send message to all customers of a particular city
Send message to all customers of all projects of all cities
Number of new projects
Number of completed projects
Number of ongoing projects
Number of projects listed in total
Number of customers
Number of cities
Website Features
Website Design
Upto 20 static information pages
Select one style from the existing ones
Customization of the style with custom site theme image and logo
Customer provided copy
Customer provided graphic (Static or Animated)*
Image enlargement facility
Customer provided logo
Contact form
WYSIWYG Editor for unlimited changes to static information pages
3 Changes per year (content & images only)
Submission to 100 search engines / directories
Search engine friendly URLs
Website statistics
Hosting & Email
1 GB FTP hosting disk space
5 GB Bandwidth transfer per month
10 POP3 accounts
Telephone support
Email support
Phone Help
United States of America


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